Latin Name: llex crenata
Common Name: sky pencil
Growth Habit: shrub
Plant Size: height-4 to 10 feet width-3 to 5 feet
Plant Exposure: Sun to partial shade
Site Conditions: prefers moist, well-drained, acidic soil
USDA Hardiness Zones: 6 to 8
Life Cycle and Leaf Retention: Evergreen Perennial
Leaf Arrangement: Alternate
external image IlexCrenata041010.jpg
Leaf Shape: Lanceolate
Leaf Margin: serrated
Leaf Modifications: none
Leaf Surface: glabrous
Leaf Vein Pattern: parallel
Leaf Compostion: simple
Stem Modifications:rhizome
Flower Shape: head
Fruit: drupe
external image Japanese_Holly_Ilex_crenata_%27Sky_Pencil%27_Leaves_3264px.jpgexternal image Ilex%20crenata%20%27Steeds%27.jpgexternal image Japanese_Holly_Ilex_crenata_%27Sky_Pencil%27_Plants_2448px.jpg
external image ilex_crenata_%27helleri%27_LG_01s.JPGexternal image headphotoL.jpg