external image Gardenia_jasminoides_Vetchii_Everblooming_Gardenia.jpg

Common Name: Creeping Gardenia

Growth Habits: Evergreen

Plant Size: Height: 1-2 feet
Width: 2-3 feet

external image Gardenia%2520jasminoides%2520%27Kleim%27s%2520Hardy%27.jpg

Plant Exposure: Sun or Partial Shade

Site Conditions: Well-drained acidic soil

USDA Hardiness
Zones: 7b to 9

Life Cycle and
Leaf Retention: Annual

Leaf Arrangment: Opposite or whorled

external image Gardenia.jpg

Leaf Shape: Ovate

Leaf Margins: Entire

Leaf Modifications: n/a

Leaf Surface:
Leaf Vein Pattern: Pinnate

Leaf Composition: simple

Stem Modification: n/a

Flower Shape: raceme

Fruit: Oval, fleshy and orange

external image Gardenia%2520jasminoides%2520%27August%2520Beauty%27.jpg external image Gardenia.jpg