Clematis x jackmanii
Common: Clematis
Growth Habit: Vine
Size: 7 to 10 ft
Plant exposure: Full sun to part shade
Site condition: Medium
USDA zone: 4 to 8
Life cycle and Leaf retention: perenial,
Leaf arrangment: Alternate

external image Duchess%20of%20Albany%20clematis%20leaf.JPG
Leaf shape: Cordate
Leaf margin: Entire
Leaf modification: none
Leaf surface: Glaborous
Leaf vein Pattern:Pinnate
Leaf composition: simple
Stem modification: stolon
Flower shape: Spadix
Fruit: None
external image lavenderClematis.jpg
external image THUM-589.jpg
external image THUM-590.jpg
external image clematis_jackmanii.jpg
external image 250px-Clematis_jackmanii_1.jpg