Chrysanthemum x superbum
Common name: Shasta daisy
Growth habit: shrub
Plant size: Height: 1 to 2 ft, 1 to 2 ft
Plant exposure: partial shade
Site conditions: Moist
Hardiness: 5 to 9
Life cycle and Leaf retention: Pernnial, Herbaceous
Leaf arrangment:Whorled
external image daisy.jpg
Leaf shape: Spatulate
Leaf margin: Serrated
Leaf modifications: None
Leaf surface: Pubescent
Leaf vein pattern: Parrallel
Leaf compsition: compound
Stem modifications: Stolon
Flower shape: Corymb
Fruit: None
external image shasta%20daisy.jpg
external image shasta-daisy_2535.jpg
external image shasta-daisy.jpg
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external image daisies_1285e.jpg