Welcome to Landscape Construction Plant Identification Wikispace..


To the right are all of the Powerpoints with the plants. Click on each plant name for information about the plant.

Plant ID Overview Sheet

Fill this out and it will be turned in at the end of the semester for a project grade. Print in color.

Plant ID Sheets

You need to print these out weekly. Use the powerpoints to fill out the sheets. Bring them in, filled out on Fridays, and you can use them on your weekly quizzes.

Plant ID Quizzes

Each week you will take Plant ID quiz on Friday. This is the EXACT quiz you will take. If you already worked on the multiple choice questions, you have free points on your quiz.

What it is:

  • This site is here to help you study for plant identification quizzes, every week.
  • You are responsible for three plants.
  • You must create a page for each of the plants that you are assigned. You must help other students better identify the plant using the page you created.
  • Use the Wikispace Cheat Sheet to creat your wikipage.
  • Follow the guidelines set forth by the rubric below.
  • The sheet you were given is what will be used every Friday for your Plant ID. Use this sheet to help you create your wikipages.

Need Help?

  • Use your Wikispace Cheat Sheet.
  • Follow the rubric to achieve the grade that you want and deserve.


What is needed
Identifying Characterisits
All of those listed on the Plant ID sheets
Professional Layout
Satisfies the teacher in making the impression that this is high school level work
Insertion of media and technology
Some widget, table, video, or something (other than pictures) is included to demonstrate Wiki competency